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About Us

We are TJ Books, and we are ‘Passionate about Print’.

We are a thriving book printing company with over 50 years of experience. TJ Books is a world-class book manufacturer with an enviable reputation for putting customers first and providing high quality products. We believe the quality of the products and services we provide is down to the people who work here, based in Padstow, Cornwall.

We are made up of over 140 eager employees who put their printing passion to work every day. We give you the opportunity to have your readers open your book, transforming their world with your words. We give the opportunity for authors, writers, and business professionals to take control of their project and turn their book into a reality. We can make any book product that you may need; Hard back, Soft bound book, Catalogue, Brochure etc. Every day, we print millions of words, on hundreds of thousands of pages that become thousands of books; one of which could be yours.

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OOur Team

At TJ our vision and values are at the heart of our work. We aim to ‘Create a world of beautiful books.’ To achieve this, we have the same...

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