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Our Team

At TJ our vision and values are at the heart of our work. We aim to ‘Create a world of beautiful books.’ To achieve this, we have the same common values of:  Recognition & Appreciation, Open Dialogue and Togetherness. Alongside personal values of trust, fairness, respect, and honesty.

At TJ Books it is recognised that every employee is acknowledged for their part in our success, and we appreciate the skills of all our staff and value their contribution each day. Everyone has a story to tell and a contribution to make, whether you are a customer or employee we believe open dialogue is a fundamental part of our business.

At TJ Books our committed team are passionate about books. The TJ Books team work hard, then play hard in our stunning seaside  surroundings in Padstow. We are a people-first team with approx. 140 committed colleagues.

Here are just a few of them, click on their profiles to read more about them:

andy watts - Our Team
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Managing Director
Andy Watts

Andy joined TJ Books in 2018 with over 30 years’ experience in the print industry, including senior positions at St Ives plc and CPI Books.

Andy leads the day-to-day operational side of the business and is passionately involved in the detail of the delivery of client’s work and thrives on the creation of excellent and rewarding client relationships.

You’re just as likely to talk to Andy about a new project as you are to talk to one of our sales team given his zeal for what he does.  And in the little spare time he has, Andy is a committed travel and music fan and has never let go of his independent spirit of going against the norm. When is the next punk rock gig?

Andy says, “The opportunity to come and make books in the county I was born and grew up in, is without doubt the highlight of my career and it’s continually invigorating to see TJ Books on its new journey.”

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Sales Director
Amelia Douglas

Amelia became part of the team in 2022 as our Sales Director and leads the Sales, Customer Service, Commercial and Marketing divisions at TJ Books.

Amelia joined us with a background in both trade publishing and print sales, giving her a unique insight into our customers’ needs. She has been a buyer as a Production Director for a leading trade publisher, and in sales as an Account Director in print for both independent publishers and the largest trade houses in the business. This has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced on both sides of the UK print sales landscape, and a fierce enthusiasm for helping her customers navigate the ever changing needs of our unique industry.

Amelia has always been passionate about books, from studying literature and poetry at university to spending her free time attending author events, writing courses and growing her ever expanding library of books at home.

Amelia loves splitting her time between central London and the Cornish countryside and making the most of each location, be it hiking round the coast or the many food markets of East London. When she’s not talking books, Amelia can be found indulging in her other serious passion – eating and drinking in the company of her nearest and dearest.

andy adams - Our Team
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Finance Director
Andy Adams

Andy joined TJ in 2018, having qualified as an accountant in practice; Andy spent the next 20 years in manufacturing.

Andy heads up the administration areas of the business including finance, HR and IT.  He enjoys the challenge of a new spreadsheet, but equally enjoys the daily interaction of people.

In his spare time Andy spends time with his family, enjoys festivals and concerts as well as his annual skiing adventure. He also cannot resist a good (or bad) curry and suffers from being a West Ham supporter.

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HR and Training Manager
Sarah Waller

Sarah joined our team in December 2021. Sarah is our HR and Training Manager. Her job consists of taking care of the people that work at TJ Books. She manages recruitment and onboarding, benefits, training, and any issues people may have. ‘I’m a bit of an octopus really’.
Sarah’s role is vital at TJ Books because a happy team is what makes us run and we could not do this without all the amazing employees here and each one is indispensable.
Sarah fell into HR about 10 years ago when she left Uni. The reason she loves the role of HR and Training Manager is because people give so much of their lives to work. ‘I like to ensure they are rewarded and invested in, in turn’.
‘Books changed my life. When I was young, I really struggled in school but when I was about 8, I picked up a book (about a haunted doll –unfortunately never been able to find it again since) and I was hooked. I love the escapism a good book can give you’.
In her free time, if she is not playing video games or Dungeons and Dragons, she is running around with her dog and nephew.

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POD and Historic Newspaper Supervisor
Ben Plummer

Ben started at TJ in November 2020 as a Production Trainee before he was promoted to his current role in May 2024. After a 3 year apprenticeship, Ben’s job title now is Digital Manager, which consists of dealing with day-to-day issues within the department, analysing performance and making improvements wherever possible. ‘I love working here because of all the great people you get to work with day in day out and I also love working here because of the motivation to make a great product for our customers with the great equipment that we have on site’. In his spare time, he spend most of his time either playing rugby for St Austell RFC or in the gym.

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Office Team Manager
Jenny Benham

Jenny is our Office Team Manager, taking on this role in March 2022. Her role is to support the Client Services, Prepress, Despatch and Invoicing Teams, to provide the best level of service to TJ customers. Jenny joined TJ Books as a Senior Account Manager in February 2021 and thoroughly enjoyed working with several customers on their book projects during that time. Jenny is passionate about supporting staff to develop and grow within their roles and careers and is particularly happy to be doing this in an industry that creates such beautiful books as a result and in such a wonderful location as Cornwall. Before Jenny joined our team, she worked in various customer service and team management roles for a major high street banking group, and then moved into the print industry when she moved to Cornwall in 2017. Jenny’s spare time is filled with the joys and challenges of entertaining her young child, but she also enjoys walking the Cornish coastal paths and exploring the beautiful beaches and countryside of Cornwall. Previously Jenny enjoyed horse riding, which she hopes she can find more time for again as her little boy grows up.

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Financial Controller
Jane Simmons

Jane joined TJ in June 2021 as Financial Controller. Jane is a CIMA qualified Management Accountant with experience in manufacturing, service, and charity sectors. Manufacturing is what she really enjoys, seeing a finished product to be proud of and knowing in some small way you have been part of the process.
As Financial Controller she is responsible for the production of the Management Accounts and the day to day running of the of the finance and payroll team. This includes payroll payments, credit control, cash management, HMRC submissions, supplier invoice processing and payments.
Jane as been a bookworm since childhood and TJ is the perfect place for her. ‘I get to use my accountancy skills surrounded by books and people who are passionate about producing them!’
Originally from Derbyshire she moved to Cornwall in 2013 and can’t imagine living anywhere else now. ‘The joy of living near the coast still hasn’t worn off (though the novelty of narrow roads and seagulls may have), seeing the sea views still lifts my spirits’.
‘In my spare time I enjoy reading, exploring the South West (yes I have ventured into Devon), visiting National Trust properties and catching up with friends and family’.

billy kent - Our Team
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Plant Manager
Bill Kent

Bill joined TJ Books in 2018 after being unable to resist the calling from a certain Mr Watts (our Managing Director)!

Bill describes it as a return to the ‘darkside’, as he once again finds himself as Watts’ ‘Scotty of the Enterprise’, having worked alongside Andy in a previous role.

Bill looks after ALL things that TJ needs to make books, and ensuring that the processes are all kept operational at all times. After more than 35 years of ‘fixing stuff’ in the industry, Bill has installed, moved, installed and moved again, equipment from all over the place.

Bill says, “My job, and the whole industry, is all about people.  And it’s those people who drive me, day-in, day-out.  This philosophy has served me well over the years, and people tell me that I have established a reputation for ‘getting the thing done’, so I’ll keep doing what I do!”

In his spare time Bill shoots (a shotgun that is…) but is resolute in his commitment that he shoots nothing that is alive.

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Senior Account Manager
Ryan Marston

Ryan joined TJ Books in 2015, relocating from Leicester to Cornwall and began working in the book manufacturing industry.
Ryan has over 15 years of experience in the print industry and manages high profile customer accounts alongside supporting the customer services team.
Along with a passion for delivering excellent customer service, Ryan supports all front-end departments within the business to drive productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction, whilst liaising with the management team across all areas of TJ Books.
In his spare time, Ryan enjoys Cornish coastal walks with the family, football and occasionally the beach – weather permitting!

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Account Manager
Wayne Sellwood

Wayne has worked in print all his life, over 50 years. He was previously a craft book binder in the early days but moved onto bindery manager and then a role in Sales for a commercial printer.

He joined TJ in June 1996 as account executive for maternity cover, and stayed with us. Throughout the years at TJ, his roles have included account executive, senior account manager, project manager when TJ created the digital print department, MIS Administrator, Commercial Executive, IT & MIS Manager and now account manger. Wayne is a great example of how you can progress your way up through TJ Books, holding a great variety of titles throughout his time working here.

‘I really enjoy my work here at TJ, always have done, no matter what role I undertook.  Every day is different with exciting new opportunities and rewarding challenges’.  He currently works very closely with every department in his current role. ‘Everyone is important to us, something I learnt from my days being an account manager’.

‘In my spare time I love to play the Cajon with a group of local friends from Padstow, even better when we do gigs for charity. It gives me a great ‘buzz’! I Love walking my pooch and getting out on my e-bike, the hills are too steep around here for me! I enjoy going out and about in my campervan but most of all, spending time with my 2 precious granddaughters’.

He has seen many changes over the years at TJ Books. He still loves his work here and believes he works with a great bunch of people. The recent investments in new technologies really excite him and he can only see good things for the future.

ben clarke 3 scaled e1652265023318 600x600 - Our Team
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Project and Business Development Manager
Ben Clark

Ben joined TJ Books in August 2020 and is our Project and Business Development Manager.

Bens love of print started in the early 90’s in the commercial magazine market working in a bindery. Within a few months he was selected as a Customer Service Representative and  started his professional career in print. It wasn’t long before his attention was brought to the book market where a long time passion with books became part of his daily work place. His career moved from CSR to Customer Service Manager, working with UK and International clients, increasing strong relationship skills, working with bespoke accounts and client focus being paramount throughout. Having TJ in his sights in the early days made the opportunity to work with this great team an ideal transition.  Bens skills working with complicated projects and cementing customer relations were a perfect fit for his current position at TJ. He loves a challenge and always happy to discuss bespoke projects ensuring that customers brief is at the forefront.

In his spare time Bens is a keen Archer, on and off road cyclist, has a real passion for music including DJ’ing at Clubs and Festivals, as well as his love for being out in the open with his family, Camper-vanning at every opportunity.

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Commercial Manager
Robert Dodgson

Robert started in January 2022 as Commercial Manager in 2022. His job role consists of sourcing of all raw materials that go into the manufacturing process and ensuring that materials are onsite and ready for production when required. Goods are sourced to ensure the best possible quality and pricing and shortest possible lead times are achieved. This is made possible by the excellent, long held relationships with our key suppliers.
The main part of the job that Robert enjoys is building relationships with suppliers. ‘When I came into the business it was clear that TJ Books had worked closely with a number of suppliers over the years to foster excellent working relationships. I believe that this really allows a procurement function to thrive and deliver optimum results for the business and it is my goal moving forwards to build on the strong foundations that are in place’.
In his spare time, he enjoys working on his partners smallholding. His other passion is Rugby League ‘although my playing days are long gone, I try and attend live games and watch matches on TV whenever possible’.

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Richard Davison

Richard is our Lead Production Scheduler at TJ Books. He joined TJ Books in 1996. His job entails scheduling work through the business to maximise efficiencies through the plant, updating the business on capacity and weak points, holding daily production meetings on the current work and giving lead times to the Sales and Account Management teams. He believes his role is rewarding but it does come with its challenges, but it is always gratifying when achieving goals.
Before this role, Richard was a Digital Performance Manager, Bindery Shift manager and Production controller here at TJ Books. He is an excellent example that here at TJ we provide a multitude of opportunities and the chance to work your way up in TJ Books. Richard says he enjoys working at TJ Books because as a company we have a vision.
Richard was Originally from Southeast London but has lived in Cornwall since he was four years old. In his spare time, he enjoys walking the Cornish coastal paths soaking up the lovely views. He also enjoys being as active as possible taking on various activities such as running and going to the gym. Richard also goes to football matches and explores music creating his own being a home DJ. Richard’s favourite book genre is Sci-Fi books because of the imaginative elements within.

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Account Manager
Kim Davis

Kim has been in print and publishing for over 30 years, having completed her initial apprenticeship at what was then the Queen’s printers before moving into publishing in the early 90s. She joined TJ Books in 2007.

Kim says, “I love the different role and challenges that Client Services brings, alongside the constant liaison between clients and colleagues to make sure the job is continually delivered to the highest of standards for everyone.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys tripping around the lovely Cornish countryside, with frequent journeys to the Cotswolds to visit family.  She also loves relaxing, curled up with a good book!

bryan owen - Our Team
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Folding Operator
Bryan Owen

Bryan joined TJ Books in 1994 and has spent an impressive 41 years in the industry overall.

He is a senior member of the TJ team and works in the Folding Department, processing the litho printed sections in preparation for binding.  This is an exacting role which takes major skill and concentration and Bryan’s dedicated commitment emanates daily.

When not expertly folding paper, Brian likes to spend his time strolling the Cornish countryside and has almost completed the 630 miles of the Cornish costal path.  The occasional stop off at a watering hole provides a vital reward for the day’s efforts!

Brian says, “Over more than 40 years, I have seen a lot of changes at TJ Books, as well as across the industry at large. It’s extremely rewarding to witness our current evolution, and the obvious acceleration into the future, and I’m very happy to play my part in this exciting phase.”

sam 5 scaled - Our Team
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Digital Assistant
Sam Scott

Though Sam has been with TJ Books a relatively short time, his self-starting nature and clear enjoyment in his work has allowed him to progress between departments and keep expanding his skills.  He has settled in the digital department where he enjoys the fast paced environment and the small team he is part of, but continues his training with his sights set on our digital toner presses next.

A fan of the Roald Dahl books of his childhood, he is very pleased to have landed in the book printing world and finds life at TJ Books enriched by the close team and friendly attitude of his colleagues.  In his spare time he enjoys football and gardening, and makes the most of the Cornish coastline with regular sea swimming too.


glen blows - Our Team
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Book Finishing System Leader
Glen Blows

Glen joined TJ in 1996 to work in the bindery. Since then, there is not much Glen has not done and excelled at. From traditional book binding, to digital inkjet printing and back again. Once the decision had been taken to reorganise the traditional workflow binding, the business just had to call on Glen’s vast experience to drive home this required change.

When Glen actually finds himself outside of work, he likes to support his boy’s passion for football and can find himself anywhere between Penzance and Plymouth on a Sunday.

Glen says, “I have been involved in many changes to the business over the years, from hand binding to the latest fully automated systems. We are now entering a new phase for the TJ business and it’s very exciting to see the investment into improving our offering to our customers.”

zac r 600x600 - Our Team
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Digital Operator
Zac Rundle

Zac has been working at TJ Books since 2020.  He has had a number of positions in the factory, most recently being promoted to a digital operator.  One of the reasons he enjoys working for TJ Books is that the company has allowed the job to grow with him and planned for his career development. Now working on the night shift with the 3-day week work pattern Zac has the flexibility to look after his new baby girl and renovate the new house he bought for his family.

Zac has found learning the book-making process fascinating and loves seeing the finished products.  His favourite books growing up were ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and the Harry Potter series.

He now spends his free time travelling, spending time with his family and enjoying the Cornish beaches with his dog.

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Digital System Leader
James Coles

James joined TJ in 2008 as a litho print assistant and quickly progressed gaining other skills and knowledge. He has a wealth of experience in book binding and was an integral part of the team that introduced the use of digital technology and the production of POD books.

James was selected in 2020 to be one of the two System Leaders for the investment in the complete digital book production system which went live in August of that year.

In his spare time, James has his hands full with his new daughter but still finds time to rock the internet with his online DJ sets! Catch him on

James says, “I am proud to be part of such a diverse and forward thinking company and to have direct influence on the success of our investments. The chance to bring new technology to life and improve our service levels is an exciting one.”

tim sullivan e1649759925635 - Our Team
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Project and Business Development Manager
Tim Sullivan

Tim joined TJ in 2016 as ‘your man in the North’. He entered the industry in 1980 as an apprentice bookbinder, before moving from the shop floor to the offices as an account controller looking after publishers’ needs on a day-to-day basis. In the early 90s, he was given the opportunity to move into sales and has since worked with some of the most recognised book manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

Tim says, “Every day in sales is different and the joy of winning an order has the same thrill today as it did 30 years ago. When the opportunity to join TJ came it was a no brainer saying yes as I’ve been a long-time admirer.”


In his spare time Tim is a keen road cyclist, tennis player and baker – and given the opportunity he’d be found doing all three in Provence with his wife Melanie.