BINDING LONG SHORT 2000x550 - Binding


Sewn – most expensive
Notch bound – most common
Perfect bound – standard on inkjet



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Sewn binding is the most expensive binding option creating high quality and strength of binding. It provides flat laying properties because there is no glue inside allowing the spine to open up flexibly.

If you require a sewn book it will most likely be created on our Litho printer. However, this type of binding can also be produced for digitally printed books but you will be restricted to size. If you require your book to be sewn, we will have to choose the next paper size up therefore making it more expensive. The sewn binding option is typically used for thicker reference books such as for education or cookbooks which require the book to lay flat.





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Perfect binding is the cheapest binding option, the back is sawn off and glue goes inside.

The spine is cut to a comb effect and holds the pages with glue and folded into 4/6 page sections.

Perfect bound books are the digital standard. This allows it to be made with a quick output for orders that require a large quantity of books. This is the cheapest option in general and great for those that want to produce a small or large quantity of books such as those on POD.






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Notched binding is the mid-range binding option, it is produced with punched holes in spine allowing the glue to be inserted. This gives the appearance of a sewn book and a similar strength at a cheaper cost.

There is a general market demand for notched books as they are the industry standard. This is the industry standard  for both digital and litho printing and has long been the preferred choice of bound books.


(Perfect and notched bound  books fold back up on themselves).




As a quality book manufacturer, TJ Books is dedicated to guide and advise you to which bind option is best for you and your book, we will offer bespoke solutions for publishers across the industry. All binding options can produce both hardback and paperback books in equal quantities. We maintain a wide choice and specification, with emphasis on TJ Books always producing high production value.