Apprentices at TJ Books

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Posted by Paige Blake

Here at TJ Books, we offer apprenticeships in both office and factory roles. Our apprenticeship scheme is an excellent opportunity to build a career in bookmaking with a highly successful book printing company in Padstow, Cornwall.


If you choose to do an apprenticeship at TJ Books you will be a key part of the bookmaking process, whether that is by preparing files for imposition for lithographic or digital output, or working on the factory floor with our state of the art equipment. There are also full-time positions available at the end of training for the right candidates – a unique opportunity for an in-demand role in our sector.


If you join us at TJ Books in a factory role, you will be following our engineers day to day, learning to fix and maintain equipment under the watchful eye of our qualified staff. Many apprentices enjoy the fact that they are not constantly in a classroom but are actually learning a trade and being hands-on from the very start. Our apprenticeships help towards employees’ futures, teaching valuable skills useful for life in and out of the workplace. Learning is broken up into manageable segments to help you progress and achieve at a steady pace. Those that choose TJ Books can enjoy working in a business with an outstanding reputation and a proud Cornish heritage.  We are incredibly pleased to support apprenticeships in our business and to offer this exceptional opportunity to the right candidates.

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Being an apprentice with TJ Books, you will earn money while you learn and be given the opportunity to gain a well-rounded education in the process.  The work week for our apprentices involves Mondays and Fridays in a classroom workshop environment where you will learn practical skills like welding, but also the key health and safety skills you will need to work in a busy factory environment.  The rest of the week is spent on site, learning directly from our skilled staff and factory managers and immersing yourself in the day to day running of our book making business.



TJ Books has a proven track record of success with our apprenticeship programme. One of our most recent apprentices, Theo, has recently qualified as an engineer following his training with us and now holds a role as a full-time engineer with us at the age of 22. Of his time as an apprentice at TJ Books he says, ‘I enjoyed the hands-on nature of being an apprentice because I gained knowledge, qualifications and experience all at once which other forms of education couldn’t offer me. Being at TJ Books settled me into working life, I felt welcomed, and everyone was extremely approachable. I’m really happy with how my four years as an apprentice have been and now feel like I have earned my place in the team at TJ Books. I’m looking forward to my future here.’


If you are interested in joining our apprenticeship scheme, contact our HR and Training Manager Sarah at: [email protected]