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TJ Books can offer both litho and digital book printing. We support you through the whole book printing lifecycle using the latest technological advancements with Auto Stock Replenishment (ASR) and Print on Demand (POD). We ensure high quality manufactured products and we use premium papers stocks.




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We have the Ricoh 9200 and 7200 and we use these for the covers, PPC’s and jackets. This toner equipment provides consistent, repeatable, superb colour and image quality. These printers ensure real-time colour adjustment and correction during printing therefore maintaining colour density and consistency. This allows the  covers, PPC’s and jackets to be printed on an array of paper types and in large quantities. Following the print process is the capability to laminate and also where required spot UV areas to enhance cover imagery.


We have the capability to print Inkjet at high speed in both continuous and cut sheet paper format.  We have recently invested in the latest Canon IX cut sheet printer which gives unrivalled quality and commercial competitiveness perfect for short to medium order quantities. Our Canon continuous feed digital inkjet printer can print up to 1000 copies dependant on size of book.

However, our IX cut sheet printer has a max capacity of 300 copies. The IX inkjet printer mimics the high quality litho printing, producing very similar quality books so much so you can barely tell the difference to the naked eye.

Digital printing provides a quick turn around from order to dispatch of full colour books.

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Lithography, commonly referred to as lithographic printing, is a printing method where an image is mass-produced by placing the desired content onto a printing plate and covering the plate with ink. At TJ Books we use both mono and four colour litho machines to print text for medium to long-run books. Typically, for books that require over 1000 copies, we will print using litho. These are printed using plates and large sheets of paper. The litho is the highest quality work that can be printed, usually, we print 64pgs per sheet or 32pgs per sheet depending on the size of the book. Litho printing uses aluminium plates and ink to print each book and we are proud to say all our aluminium plates get recycled.

We have a house density which means we can guarantee the same book reprinted even a month later your book will be the exact colour and strength of ink on a page which will guarantee perfect colour printed images and text each time.



Digitally using our inkjet printers, we cannot print pantone colours, this is only accessible on our Litho printer. However, we can make a pantone match from the CMYK inks, it won’t be a perfect match, but it will be very close (we can’t make every pantone colour this way). This is a cheaper alternative however if you wish for the exact pantone our Litho is a great machine for that.

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