automated workflows - Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

At TJ Books we have invested a lot into our Auto Stock Replenishment/Print On Demand services. We have invested in the latest book printing technology increasing our output.

Allowing publishing services to have books printed within 24/48hrs depending on if it is a limp or hard back book. We can use our POD or ASR no matter if it is a hard or limp cased book or if you are printing mono or colour.

The purpose of our automated workflow services is so that publishers don’t have to keep lots of stock with POD or when inventory stocks are low ASR is used – this keeps books alive and keeps a regular supply of books going to publishers.

There is a life cycle of a book which will go from ordering/ re-ordering of a book to ASR and then to POD. ASR are for small quantity reorders and POD is for reprints as low as a book of one. You would re-order books if the order quantity is 1000+. Once you get into the ASR/POD service the book content is fixed and you will be limited on paper options etc because if your book was litho printed it will turn to a digital printing process using our POD/ASR service.


Below is an example of how the book life cycle works and when you might use our ASR / POD services

pod ars copy 300x160 - Automated Workflows



automated workflows 1 600x600 - Automated Workflows