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Project Management

Here at TJ Books you are just as likely to speak with one of the Managing Directors as you are with our expert sales team as we’re all perpetually passionate about print.

We will help all customers go through their process to print your book.

If you are a company or publisher / self publisher  that has never worked with us before, please send your enquiry to [email protected].

If you are a returning customer, you will have contact to your account manager / sales representative who is best to contact for new projects.

If you are an independent customer and wish to publish your work, we recommend going through the enquiry process with TJ Ink. This process is perfect for the authors, writer and business professional that wishes to turn their project into a book, brochure or catalogue .

Our publishing services team will lead you through the whole process, from manuscript stage to a perfectly finished book made by our experts at TJ Books.

As a living, breathing company, we share your passion for crafting books that people want to talk about. Books start with conversations, so if you would like to find out more about what we do,    get in touch!


The process in which you and your book will go through:

  • Firstly, be ready to make an enquiry
  • Secondly, contact the commercial team one of which is mentioned above – sales, account manager or TJ Ink.
  • Once your project has gone through the commercial team – which will help you through the process of getting your project print ready i.e. help you choose the paper, print size and amount of pages, bound options and lamination options etc.
  • Then we will give you a quote of how much the product will cost with all the requirements you wish to have and then you will need to accept the quote to proceed.
  • Your files will then be sent to account managers to make sure the files contain all the correct details and information for the order requirements. Then your files will go through one last final check in the Press-ready department making sure your file is suitable for print.
  • Finally, your book will enter the production cycle and your dream book will become a reality.
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