TJ Books Ecological Objectives and Targets 2022.

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Posted by Paige Blake

At TJ Books we are constantly reviewing how as a company we can be more environmentally friendly. It is important for companies no matter the size to do their bit to help the climate change crisis and be more conscious.
These are some of our 2022 aims. As a company we are always looking at ways we can be more sustainable.

Packaging – At TJ we aim to review plastic usage across the site and see where reductions can be made. We will look at offering alternative solutions of book wrapping for customers. As well as replacing 70% recycled boxes with 100% recycled cardboard.

Waste – Ensure 98% of waste is recycled. Continue segregation of waste.

Energy – Measure energy use against sqm of paper used and keep this below the target set by the Climate Change Agreement. Compare energy tariffs and use 100% renewable tariffs and review energy usage.

Solvent Management – Maintain solvent usage through KBA presses between 9-10 tons for the year. Measure solvent use against sqm of paper used as well as ensure all solvents used to comply with Prop 65 legislation.

FSC® – Conduct internal audits quarterly and conduct external audits annually with outworkers and suppliers. Review and monitor internal processes to ensure compliance.

Water – Conduct a water usage review to see where improvements can be made e.g. Replace taps with push taps. Monitor meter readings to ensure that any water leaks are identified and reported.

Fossil Fuels – Measure fossil fuel usage annually and report scope 1 co2 emissions. Review the use of LPG within the business and look at alternative solutions i.e., Electric Forklifts. Review business mileage and identify greener travel alternatives e.g., a car share scheme. Review our heating system to reduce the energy being wasted in areas that are not in use

Suppliers – Review supplier environmental credentials and carry out duty of care visits.